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We were Clutch UK's top mobile app developer in 2019
Read more about our success story, how we got here and what it means to be featured as Clutch's top mobile app developer

Who are we?

An IT development team consisting of engineers, artists, and leaders that create mobile apps and web platforms with the utmost care to detail and quality. From management, design, development, testing, and post production support - each departments have their set of responsibilities within their field of expertise

App development

Our proven experience and services make us expressly suited for any mobile development needs. We listen, suggest the best technologies, and discuss the necessary steps for quality driven results.

iOS Android Wearable BLE mCommerce Social Objective C Swift Java OpenGLES iPad/Tablet IoT Analytics Finance SDKs OpenGL

Web development

Mobile and web platforms have to work hand in hand. Whether it means building the backend for your mobile app, RESTful APIs, or straightforward to complex websites, we can build it for you.

REST Cloud DevOps Laravel MySQL NoSQL Solr PostgreSQL PHP Ruby on Rails IaaS SaaS Streaming

UI/UX Design

Pixel perfect UI design plays an integral role in a user’s first and lasting impression of your app. Striking a balance between familiarity and originality takes a skilled and passionate professional to get it *just* right

User interface User experience Color & Fonts Branding Minimalistic Material design Icons Logo Branding Motion Design InVision Sketch

Who are you?

If you have an established or fledgling business and you’re thinking a mobile app could nurture growth and exposure - you’re right. A company’s services, products, and media can reach customers on a direct level with features that are location based, provide instant notifications, ensure safe payment transactions, and more. A mobile responsive site simply can’t compete.


In need of a seasoned, mobile team you can call your own to deliver your solution to an emerging market? Having worked on a multitude of startups over the years we know that speed, quality, and cost all play a significant role in a successful startup. With that in mind, we’ll tailor to your needs, with the right experience and creative mindset, within an affordable price package.


You’ve got a vision and you’re thinking big. Obstacles don’t phase you one bit and most likely you’re a tad crazy for your own good, but what you have going is the drive to see this venture through. On our side, we’re a creative bunch that can think outside of the box. We’re likely to be missing a couple of screws ourselves so we’ll shoot for the moon alongside you.


You have an idea or a detailed description for a mobile app. However, you’d like to have it validated before you present it to investors or simply to have a better grasp on what you need to accomplish it. In any case, we can tell you which technologies to use, best approach to development and design, and common mistake to avoid - all jargon free.


Emerging technologies provide opportunity for being innovative and being ahead of the curve. This is why research and development play an integral role within our studio, both internally and as a service, as we keep pushing the envelop for what can be done.


iBeacon and other Bluetooth Low Energy devices allow you to engage users when they are in close proximity of a point of interest.


Smartwatch and wristbands can expand on your mobile app to make it easier to use certain features while on the move.


Options such as In-App Purchases, subscriptions or integrating a payment gateway would allow you to monetize securely within the app.

Instant messaging

Allow your users to interact and communicate with you or your business in real time through a medium that is familiar to them.

Live streaming

Live video broadcasting gives your users a powerful medium for expressing their views and sharing their experiences.

Indoor positioning

By combining both iBeacon and AR technologies, pinpoint users or products accurately in an indoor environment.


Extend your reach and sell your services, goods or products by having a reliable and light-weight mobile app.

Cloud services

Scale quickly to meet the demands of your users while only paying for the infrastructure and services you need.


A common request for most projects, with a variety of applications, by knowing where your users are.

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